The Future of Health — Metaviews Research Project 2012


How will emerging technology affect the medical system? Will social networking evolve into a more effective outlet to discuss health issues? Will doctors be able to fulfill a growing demand for virtual patient consultations?

These will be some of the questions addressed in the Metaviews major research project for 2012: "The Future of Health."

Dialogue about communication trends has tended to overlook the area that will ultimately be of interest to everyone — how to stay alive and well. But demand for services that effectively connect people to this information will only grow.

How these options can successfully integrate with the existing system remains to be seen. The adoption of basic eHealth programs has proven enough of a challenge. Yet any disruption will also have to consider the ongoing need for physical examinations.

"The Future of Health" will also look into topics like the marketing of pharmaceutical drugs, the ways in which digital media is being used in proactive promotion of wellbeing and lobbying efforts to maintain or shake up the status quo. Debates over medicine during the U.S. election, the challenges facing Canadian provinces and other examples from around the planet will be on our radar.

Metaviews conducted its first major project throughout 2011, "The Future of Authority." The research incorporated more than a dozen different focal points, which ranged from currency to cryptography, social enterprise to societal uprisings, data visualization to algorithmic decision making. Subscriber teleseminars, newsletters and live events considered where authority would be centered next — if centered anywhere at all.

Research for 2012 will expand this approach, including a series of conversations and presentations at our new Toronto headquarters, The Academy of the Impossible.

For more information on "The Future of Health," or other inquiries about the Metaviews subscription package, please contact us.

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