Don Tapscott's Radio 'ReCivilization': Building a Better B.S. Detector


"ReCivilization is a five-part series that examines some of the biggest challenges facing our world," reads the official description of the new CBC Radio series hosted by Don Tapscott. "It charts a path to the future enabled by the revolutions underway in communications, innovation and learning in this new, post-industrial, digital age."

Mostly, though, it's all about Don Tapscott.

The program was introduced with an ominous drumbeat as the author of the 1992 book Paradigm Shift assured the audience that things are still in flux 20 years later. Next, an uncredited voice — a self-penned bio written in the third-person, obviously — provided assurance that Tapscott was the rare person who could be trusted to shed light on how everything is on the verge of becoming new. Perhaps the target audience would rather not know that we are already there.

Programs that acknowledge that we are several thousand miles along in this "path to the future" seem to be doing quite well in the boomer orbit of public radio: NPR's staple On the Media assumes the audience is fully engaged with technology and CBC's five-year-old Spark doesn't seem to need to footnote every term that was foreign five years ago. (Disclosure: Metaviews president Jesse Hirsh is a technology columnist for the public broadcaster.)